The Best Nootropics for Product List

An overall of just a 1,200 mg per day ingestion had been robust in medical trials, also divided to two 600 mg dosages or 3 four hundred mg doses.

Pramiracetam can be coupled using a choline origin (e.g., alpha gpc or citicoline) since racetams are demonstrated to decrease acetylcholine amounts in mind and also the mixture of piracetam and choline has synergistic impacts on cognitive functioning.

Limitations and Caveats

The majority of the investigation on Pramiracetam was executed on creatures, and also there are not many medical trials in human beings. Caution ought to be used when employing this specific research to get individual usage.


Both increase alertness, but piracetam seems to be more eccentric and electric. I’m on day two now, and Pramiracetam seems to bring even more alertness in a more centered, peaceful and calm way.”

“Pramiracetam was responsible for getting me into the mood of studying and making my brain work at a fast rate, but I don’t think that I should take it long-term because there haven’t been a lot of studies done on the drug. Therefore, it should be used with caution and ONLY when doing something nootropic powders productive like studying for an exam. The side effects, as said, haven’t been studied fully yet, but just be careful.”

“Time almost seems to pass at a slower rate on Pramiracetam, it is almost as if I can think at higher speed within a shorter period. I have experienced higher productivity at work, both on in terms of being able to more quickly deal with tedious tasks and to produce more top quality material in more mentally intensive projects. Now for the bad/weird:

1) Pramiracetam tastes horrible.

2) It tears up my stomach if I don’t consume food with it.

3) I have a greater propensity to employ words on the frontiers of my mastered vocabulary, which can occasionally lead me to either misuse a word or sound like a pretentious dick for using “big words” regardless of the context.

4)I often find myself attempting to create new words on Pramiracetam. The most common manifestation of this is my tendency on pram of converting words into a non-standard English adverb form in both text and speech.

5) I feel incredibly robotic and logical, which can often be a bad thing in social situations.”

Where You Should Purchase Pramiracetam

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