2019 Honda HR-V vs. 2019 Toyota RAV4 – Which Is the Best

Lows: search-engine, less roomy as the C-HR HR-V comparison, well-equipped Models are costly.

Highs: Broad rear chair, active management, punchy turbo Engine, high price.

Lows: Noisy on the street, bothersome touchsHReen, Soso Fuel market.

Were Honda and Toyota understand precisely what they had been beginning when they Introduced the HR v and the HRV 4 from the late 1990s? We couldn’t have predicted these two sHRappy so”cute-utes” could be two of those best selling vehicles at the USA within only a couple generations. Both of these models have contributed a fee of compact SUVs that currently make their way to more passengers than every other new-vehicle department store for trucks. However, is among them two a much better choice in another?

The Matchup

Spending some time together with all-wheel-drive variations of 2019 Toyota RAV 4 and 20-19 Honda HR v makes it evident each has gotten therefore exceptionally popular. Simple to drive and easy to live together, the RAV4 and the car v can readily fit a vast array of lifestyles, as a result of their versatile insides and user friendly characters.

It no denies that the HR V, redesigned for 2018 and That the new-for-2019 RAV 4 are near mirror images of each other concerning measurement. Toyota and Honda are copying one another in this match for a little while today, and even though they appear different, both extend about 7 3 inches wide and 180 inches. Both Toyota and the Honda additionally comprise two rows of chairs and space for five people and can accommodate up to ten carryon suitcases within their cargo transport.

The Interior View

However, the amounts could tell you much, and also the Honda Makes utilization of its distance compared to Toyota does. Its back seat feels spacious both for both three and two passengers, using a giant bottom pillow, more leg room, and convenient cushioning. That is certainly not to mention the RAV 4’s rear seat is packed; it can readily accommodate two adults. However, we found we had more stretch-out distance in the back of this HR v. Loading freight additionally is somewhat more comfortable from the car vowing to its loading flooring using a 1.2-inch lesser liftover elevation compared to the RAV4’s.

Even though Honda might feel much more spacious indoors, we fought To select a popular concerning their interior surroundings. The Toyota represents a substantial step upward in material quality to its RAV 4, and delicate surfaces abounded inside our Limited-trim evaluation vehicle. Our top-spec HR v Touring version but had the bonus of a lighter-colored cottage with faux wood trimming that included a little more variety compared to the RAV 4’s dour, all-black dash.

Even the HR V’s infotainment system, but lags behind the RAV 4’s both in responsiveness and visual appeal. Honda has come out with an also heightened system. However, it’s now confined by the Accord automobile and the Odyssey minivan. Even the car v’s 7.0-inch HondaLink touchsHReen looks obsolete compared, is slow to answer input signal, also lacks a functioning knob. The Honda’s sole real clear technician advantage is the fact that it delivers both Apple CarPlay along with Android automobile smart-phone mirroring, as the Toyota will play fine together with your iPhone.

On the Street

1 significant difference between the HR V as well as also the RAV 4 is Despite Toyota’s more substantial and much more potent engine–it produces 203 horsepower contrary to the Honda’s 190–that the car v outperformed it at our stride testing, reaching 60 mph in 7.4 seconds versus the RAV 4’s 8.1-second campaign (our evaluation answers are for a RAV 4 Experience version, that will be automatically equivalent to the Limited version we drove with this contrast ). The RAV 4’s larger engine has been efficient compared to the car v’s smaller one within our 75-mpg street fuel economy test. The Toyota achieved 3 2 mpg into the Honda’s 2-9 mpg; neither vehicle will fit their EPA road ratings of 33 mpg.

Both the HRv and RAV 4 DeHRease the street, and the two SUVs ride firmly, together with tackling that inspires confidence. Even the Honda’s steering seems marginally milder compared to the Toyota’s, that may allow it to feel more excited in corners. However, Toyota’s solidity and implanted composure ensure it is both pleasing on a twisty road. But, both these vehicles generate surplus sound and are one of the grandest and refined of these close competitions. Even the HR v’s loudness stems mostly by an inordinate sum of road and wind noise entering the cottage, while the RAV4’s most considerable difficulty is its own busy and uncontrollable engine note. There is more engine noise than we’d enjoy from the Honda as well. However, it’s maybe not quite as rough in design since Toyota’s. Several more silent, more serene HRoss-overs exist through this segment, especially the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Hyundai Tucson.

The Main Point

The wholly loaded HR V Touring and also RAV4 Limited variations we Drove signify the very top of their version lines. Nevertheless, there’s a substantial cost difference between them both, with the RAV 4 costing too much as-tested $39,034 into the car v’s $35,195. Some but not most that additional cost may be clarified via this RAV 4’s free options, such as ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, and also a 360degree camera system, items which can not be obtained on the car v at any given price.

And is our pick within the Toyota. As the RAV 4 is slightly more identifying In look and also an extra tech-forward using its flatter touchsHReen Port, the HR v constitutes for the absence of style using a striking substance. The Honda supplies more distance, better motor functionality, and Lots of That is a winning formula just as far Now because it had been if the car v first struck on the scene a lot more than twenty decades ago.