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Here are just a few example of successful projects and results:   

  • Decreased length of stay (LOS) in a free-standing urgent care center - from 69 minutes to less than 34 minutes
  • Improved provider capacity in a large, urban medical practice - went from avg. of 12 patients per day per provider to 20
  • Reduced processing time for outpatient surgery scheduling - went from 6 weeks avg. processing time to less than 48 hours
  • Improved staff satisfaction scores - went from 70 percentile  to more that 95 percent in less than months


The path to success in healthcare has become complex and challenging

Key elements include:

  • The financial squeeze affecting every player in the industry, with changing demands and shrinking reimbursement
  • The drive from volume to value, tying your success to the health of the patient populations you serve
  • Revenue models requiring new delivery models
  • New delivery models, triggering clinical transformation and reorganization of clinical programs
  • Consolidation across all sectors, with partnerships and mergers creating new relationships and more integrated businesses
  • Patient empowerment and consumerism, with retail and digital health technologies spurring innovation