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Deep sector and technical business operations consulting experience

You have the vision for your business, but do you have the operations and capabilities to bring it to life?

Using our deep sector and technical business operations consulting experience, we transform our clients’ core business and operations, helping them to prepare for growth, embrace the digital agenda and maximize operational efficiency.

We bring the breadth and depth of the Ascend Group's capabilities to our clients, offering real value by designing and running impactful, transformational business operations programs.

our services and approach 

Our organizational improvement efforts focus on the following seven core areas:

1. Staff engagement (satisfaction, creating “connectedness”)

2. Leadership development(customized training for front-line leaders and senior management)

3. Patient satisfaction (improving the patient experience)

4. Service excellence (create a  hospital-wide culture of outstanding customer service)

5. Service recovery (managing patient expectations, correcting and responding to service upsets)

6. Community engagement and outreach (brand enhancement, reputation management)

7. Workforce development (instilling confidence and conveying a sense of  caregiver competency to patients)

Our cost-effective, less resource –intensive consulting approach includes introducing tools, coaching, tactics, training, and techniques that can help organizations enhance communication, improve patient satisfaction, and improve leader effectiveness.

Our methods also focus on transferring knowledge in order to build managerial competency and improve organizational performance in the seven core areas. 


Our consultants work closely with healthcare organizations to develop a market-leading strategy for long-term top performance, growth, and sustainability. 

Performance Improvement:

Our consultants help healthcare providers achieve and sustain robust clinical, operational, and financial results. Contact us for additional information. 734.709.5487  or via e-mail at